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What is Rosacea? What can be done about it?

What is Rosacea? What can be done about it?


          Many people suffer from Rosacea, but many people don’t even know what it is…. Rosacea starts off as the frequent blushing of the skin, blotchy redness, the appearance of broken blood vessels, and even what looks like acne. (Not all of these symptoms have to be present for you to have Rosacea)  It develops into permanent redness on the face, with pustules and red inflammatory acne bumps. Some refer to it as adult acne, but it is not acne.  It is often triggered by things such as spicy foods, alcohol, embarrassment, heat, sunlight, and hormones. As you can see from these symptoms, it is understandable why many people are walking around with it but don’t even know that they have Rosacea.

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           The exact causes of Rosacea are not known, but it does run in families.  People with Rosacea generally are suffering from sensitive skin.  Also, hormones play a big part in it as well.  Many women with Rosacea notice flares of it during their cycle and during menopause as well.  But this skin issue is not limited to women. Men have it too. In fact, men with rosacea tend to have a more pronounced and severe case of it.  Rosacea is unfortunately not curable, but can be treated well to reduce visible symptoms.


          There are many different treatments people go to in order to manage these bothersome symptoms.  Some take an oral anti-biotic, others use topical antibiotics and other topical treatments such as azelaic acid, benzoyl peroxide, sulfacetamide, and sulfur.  Many of these things are also used to treat acne as well. Although Rosacea is different than acne, acne can play a role in Rosacea.  Peptides are also regularly used to calm the inflammation that is experienced with Rosacea.

          Rosacea sufferers have to extremely cautious about what they are using to wash their face with. Using products for sensitive skin with optical fibers or a slight green tint will help to reduce the appearance of redness and ruddiness of the skin.  If you have chronic Rosacea, light therapy can be quite effective at reducing the redness after 5 or 6 fifteen minute treatments.

rosaba          Basically you need to treat your skin as sensitive skin.  Using products that are designed specifically for sensitive skin is the way to go here.  Skin care products such as Soothe by Rodan and Fields can dramatically help reduce your symptoms and is also an ant-aging regimen because it contains peptides which are good for aiding in sensitive skin, but also prevent and treat fine lines and wrinkles.  Many people with Rosacea start using Soothe, see dramatic results after several months or so, and are able to start gradually using anti-aging skincare products such as the Redefine line created by Rodan and Fields.  So don’t worry.  There is something out there that will help you get this under control and all but eliminate your symptoms.


          I would love to help you or someone you know that is suffering from this often embarrassing skin issue.  I am completely confident that the skin care of Rodan and Fields could make a real positive difference in your skin.  The motto of Rodan and Fields is: Changing Skin, Changing Lives.  I think that is very true.  Especially in dealing with issues such as Rosacea.  So please go to my website, and check out our products.  Then feel free to contact me to discuss your needs and find out how I can help you. Have a beautiful day!


Sensitive Skin Don'ts

Below is something I found on another blog. I found it to be relatively interesting. I agree with much of what it’s talking about and I bet you will too. It just makes me think that using Rodan and Fields Soothe regimen would be so helpful in dealing with these issues. It is a proven treatment for all sorts of sensitive skin issues and is incredibly mild. I say go to the doctors when you need advice on how to deal with these sorts of issues, and the top dermatologists in the US have developed this treatment to handle your sensitive skin. So if you or someone you know is experiencing sensitive skin, I recommend you try Soothe. You can get it by going to my website where you will learn more about it. So read the following and then go to and find out what can be done to help.

 Sensitive Skin Don'ts

Posted on September 18, 2014

Don't Overwash! It is not uncommon for some to wash their face as much as 3 times a day!  Washing with a detergent or medicated soap can strip away layers of the epidermis, leaving the skin chapped and irritated. Be careful with your skin; it is the only one of your organs that you wear on the outside, and it has the unique challenge of facing the elements. Even washing with a gentle cleanser and a scrub brush can be incredibly wearing on the skin's surface. Twice daily washing with a gentle cotton-based cloth is enough to remove daily impurities without compromising your skin. 

Don't Use Toner That Strips. A dangerous make-up counter myth is that toner is required for skin stripping . Acetone or alcohol based toners strip important protective lipids from the skin's surface, leaving a very vulnerable, exposed epidermal surface that is more susceptible to dryness and infection with microorganisms. There are light acid peels that can be helpful in epidermal replenishment, however a daily toner can be a regular insult to your skin making it difficult to repair.

Don't Pick! The temptation to pick is so common that dermatologists have coined two terms to describe this phenomenon. Acne Excoriee is a term used to describe the appearance of picked pimples. Neurotic Excoriation describes scratches made by anxious individuals who traumatize their own skin. The skin is a durable, dynamic organ, however it is very susceptible to the blunt trauma of fingers. So leave your face alone. If you absolutely must, find an instrument at your local drugstore called a comedone extractor to gently extract white and blackheads only. 

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